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Massaya Gold Reserve Rouge, Bekaa Valley 2011 (750 ml) Massaya Gold Reserve Rouge, Bekaa Valley 2011 (750 ml)

WA 91

The 2011 Gold Reserve is a 50/40 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvèdre, plus 10% Syrah. All of the grapes were sourced from Haddath Baalbeck vineyard, at 950 meters, with vines varying in age (the Cabernet being the oldest at 30 to 40 years, the Mourvedre at 18-30 years and the Syrah the youngest at 10-18 years). It was aged for 16 months in an equal mixture of new and used French oak and comes in at 14.5% alcohol. Showing its oak a bit too much just now, this is nonetheless very good. The Mourvèdre and the Syrah combine to give this an earthy dimension, cutting the oak and adding some complexity as the wine airs out. Beautifully focused, it is both elegant and gripping. Yet, it is also impeccably balanced, even if it is a bit hard-edged just now. A couple of more years in the cellar wouldn't hurt (this is a late release, a current submission). Give this a chance to calm down and acquire some complexity. It should age well.

- Mark Squires, Wine Advocate (April, 2017)

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Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley 1981 (750 ml) Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley 1981 (750 ml)

WA 93

The 1981 Chateau Musar is simply wonderful, a prime time wine aging brilliantly. Beautifully structured, this has silky texture, a crisp finish and good balance, notwithstanding the serious power lurking on the finish. It seems fresh, vibrant and youthful, a great food wine, not particularly fleshy, fruity or sweet, but quite lively. It was tasted twice from different bottles (with and without Hochar) and it was fascinating each time. As with many Musars, the score matters less than the style. There are certainly things going on here that will draw divided opinions. By many modern standards, the acidity level is perceptibly high. There is a bretty aspect that will certainly turn off others. Yet, this preens in its power, its complexity and its invigorating freshness. I rather loved it and it seemed quite brilliant. Drink now-2030.

- Mark Squires, Wine Advocate (June, 2013)

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Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley 1969 (750 ml) Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley 1969 (750 ml)

WA 92

The 1969 Chateau Musar is fresh and bretty, a big, concentrated and powerful wine that is aging brilliantly. Silky in texture (a common feature of Musar; I always suspect I can thank the Carignan and its acidity for that), it is gripping on the end and beautifully constructed. It fleshes out in the glass magically, becoming fuller and more lush. At times, this made me quite enthusiastic. It is remarkably young for its age. For all of its many virtues, however, it will, unfortunately, be the bretty notes on which many will fixate. They were very powerful and kept getting stronger. While I am not personally one to dissolve into panic at every whiff of brett, it is at a point here where it has to restrain even my enthusiasm, at least a little and at least from this bottle, which might well have been the superstar of the flight in many respects. It does detract from a rather superb performance. I’d still drink it, because it is otherwise brilliant. Your mileage may differ. Brett does tend to be subject to bottle variations – if you encounter a bottle with less intensity in that regard, it should be an even bigger winner. Drink now-2025.

- Mark Squires, Wine Advocate (June, 2013)

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