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Date: Saturday, September 9. Hosted From 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Theme: Turkish Winery: Vinkara

Special Guest:

Vinkara was founded in Kalecik, Ankara/Turkey in 2003 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kiska Inc. Besides having 25 years of business experience in the USA, Kiska Inc. is also the owner of the Marmara Hotels & Residences chain. Vinkara’s vineyard and modern state-of-the art production facility are located on 135 acres of land at an altitude of 650 meters and has a capacity to produce 1,040,000 liters of wine annually.

The Kalecik terrain and Vinkara’s vineyard, which neighbor the Kızılırmak River Basin, are one of the most important and ideal regions in the world for viniculture because of the microclimate created by the surrounding mountains. Air hits the mountains as it rises creating hot weather in the valley and rain in the plains. As a result, these climate characteristics are the same as those regions around the world where Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes are cultivated.

The Kalecik region’s unique microclimate is highly conducive for producing quality wines. There is a big difference between the day and the night temperatures so the grapes cultivated in Kalecik have a distinctive taste and aroma. 60% of Vinkara’s vineyard has been allocated to Kalecik Karası grapes while a broad and balanced portfolio of indigenous and international grape varieties are cultivated on the remaining land.

The main objective of Vinkara is to acquaint and present unique wines to an international audience of wine aficionados produced with Anatolian grapes from the birthplace of winemaking.

2016 Vinkara Narince White
Wines produced with Narince grapes are usually dry. The color of the wine is yellowgreen
and has sophisticated fruity flavors. The well-rounded, medium to full-bodied wines
have a balanced acidity and have a long finish. Also, the wine gains a complex bouquet with

Vinkara Narince Reserve White
A dry white wine made from “Narince” grapes indigenous to Anatolia from Erbaa region of Tokat province. Aged for 14 months in chateau-style 225 liter oak barrels and then further aged at our wine caves after bottling, our wine is a highly acidic and full-bodied dry white wine. It has tropical fruit, apricot, grapefruit and buttery
aromas are apparent due to the sur lie method used at the aging process in barrels.

2014 Vinkara Kalecik Karasi Red
Kalecik Karası is a grape variety named after
the Kalecik district, which is 65 km northeast
of Ankara in Central Anatolia. The vineyards
are at an altitude of 650 meters. Kalecik
Karası grapes are mainly cultivated near the
Kızılırmak River basin. Because there is a big
difference between day and night temperatures,
the grapes cultivated in Kalecik have a
distinctive taste and aroma. Kalecik Karası is
a dry and elegant ruby-colored red wine with
vibrant fruity aromas. The medium bodied and
low tannin wine is fresh and lively with a crisp
acidity and long finish.

2012 Vinkara Kalecik Karasi Reserve Red
90 Points Wine Enthusiast
A dry red wine, made from Kalecik Karası
grapes indigenous to Anatolia from Kalecik
region of Ankara province. Our wine was
produced with specially selected grapes from
our exclusive parcel of land at our vineyards
that overlook Kızılırmak River. Aged for 14
months in chateau-style 225 liter oak barrels
and then further aged at our wine caves after
bottling, the wine has a very long finish with
soft tannins. Besides blackberry, black currants,
strawberry and sour cherry aromas, vanilla
and smoked aromas attained during the aging
process in the barrels intensify the wine without
losing any of its fruitiness.

Vinkara Okuzgozu Red
A dry red wine made from Öküzgözü grapes (pronounced Ookooz Goo
Zoo). It has an intense ruby color with bright purple and ruby reflections.
The nose has notes of red fruits, cherry, nutmeg, tea and strawberry
jam. The wine is soft and pleasant to drink with full and well‐balanced
tannins and has a long finish.